FP2 level

Understand each economic indicator in an instant by illustration

I will explain the outline of the economic trend index, the Bank of Japan Tankan, the price index, money stock, monetary base, etc., which are typical economic indicators.
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How much Japan’s GDP and Nikkei 225 are linked

"GDP" and "Nikkei 225" are often mentioned in the economy and investment. I will briefly explain what is the difference...

Number of articles and points to note when passing the Google AdSense screening

I would like to share about the number of articles and the number of characters on the blog when I passed the Google AdSense screening, notes etc.

Compare heat stroke and COVID-19 threats in Japan, watch out for masks

I would like to compare the degree of threat independently using statistical data on heat stroke and COVID-19.

What happens when the cruising distance of a car reaches zero?

Most cars will have a "range" display that shows how many more kilometers you can run with the remaining gasoline remaining. Normally, there will be no stupid situation where the cruising range is 0 in order to refuel with plenty of time, but this time I've done such a stupid thing, so I will share the experience.

What happens to the temperature of the room if you leave the refrigerator door open?

I will explain scientifically whether the temperature of the room will be so if you leave the door of the refrigerator open.

COVID-19 measures: Does the mask as a preventive mask make sense?

Today, it has become common sense to wear a mask when you come into contact with people, and we will consider how much the preventive effect of COVID-19 by actually wearing a mask is.

Gunma’s new COVID-19 information (as of the end of July)

I analyze the infection status independently using the open data of the new COVID-19 published by Gunma Prefecture.

Impressions after one year of LASIK

"I think I'll lasik because contact is troublesome. But what is it really like? There are a lot of people who worry. I was one of them, but I took the plunge. I would like to share my impressions based on my actual experience here.
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Grasp the ”Financial Crisis” in one minute by illustration

A brief diagram explains what happened to Financial Crisis and what was the cause.