Number of articles and points to note when passing the Google AdSense screening


Well, I have passed the Google AdSense review and can monetize my blog!

I would like to share about the number of articles and the number of characters on the blog when I passed the Google AdSense screening, notes etc. It should be noted that, since it passed the examination in one shot this time, it cannot be compared with the example that does not pass.

Article number

Fixed page: 3

There are three fixed pages: “Privacy Policy”, “Site Map”, and “Contact”.

Posting page: 19

As for the posting page, there are 9 articles in Japanese, 7 articles in English, and 3 articles in Chinese. As for English and Chinese, we only translated Japanese articles, so judging from the content, only 9 articles in Japanese have new content. Regarding English articles, I think that there are some mistakes in grammar and word usage, even if I just translated the English articles mechanically with automatic translation. For Chinese articles, I don’t know Chinese at all, so it’s just an automatic translation. Probably full of mistakes. There were rumors that the sites that were automatically translated but not modified would be downgraded, so I was thinking about deleting Chinese anymore.

word count

The average number of characters in Japanese articles is 1000

The number of characters in the nine Japanese articles was approximately 500-1600 characters. For an article of about 500 characters, it’s enough to briefly explain one subject. If it is about 1600 characters, it will be enough to explain things and my opinion.

I’ve heard rumors that if the number of characters is 1000 or less, the content is considered to be thin and it is difficult for Google AdSense to pass the examination.

By the way, the average for my English articles is about 3200 words.

Points to be aware of after investigating

Establishment of privacy policy and inquiry page

The privacy policy is rarely seen by general site visitors, and I think that it is often unknown in the first place, but it seems to be very important. According to Google’s regulations, it seems that there is content such as clearly specifying the privacy policy on the site. However, the contents to be specified are almost fixed, and I made a template on the net with copy and paste. There are rumors that the site’s reputation will drop if you make it with copy and paste, and there is an opinion that it should be an image, but I did copy and paste as it is.

The contact page seems to be important in terms of increasing the reliability of the site.In my case, I made it using the plugin.

There is also an opinion that a site operator information page should be created to improve reliability. I thought it would be nice to have a simple profile in the footer, so I didn’t create an operator info page. I think it would be safer to make it. However, in my case, I didn’t make it because I didn’t want to know its identity anonymously.

Be careful with copyright and use many figures

My blog aims to write articles clearly using diagrams, so I use diagrams a lot. Diagrams are essential for easy-to-understand explanations. But the problem here is copyright. There are many very easy-to-understand diagrams that can be searched online, and I would like to adopt it as it is on my blog, but basically it is prohibited to divert it. I try not to get caught up in copyright issues by using only free material and my own drawings.


Three days after I applied for the Google AdSense review, I received the following content via email.

About a month has passed since I started blogging. My goal was to post one day, but now I have one post every two days. However, this time, I got motivated by passing the examination of Google AdSense. I want to work hard so that I can continue to write useful articles for people.