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Bond Investment Trusts: MMF and MRF Are Deposit Products of Securities Companies

MMF and MRF are typical products of public and corporate bond investment trusts. I will explain what these are and what the difference is from other products.
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Illustration: Understanding the structure and classification of investment trust

I will explain what an investment trust is, what structure it is, and what kind of classification it is. This is a field that has a lot of technical applications, but it is remembered by images by easy-to-remember illustrations.
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Illustration: Demonstrate the effect of the dollar cost averaging with specific examples

Dollar cost averaging is a method of investing a certain amount on a regular basis, and it is said that the purchase price can be kept low on average in a changing price. Here, I will illustrate how effective it actually is, using specific examples.
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Indicators of equity investment: RER, PBR, ROE, dividend yield, dividend payout

I will illustrate the differences and characteristics of RER, PBR, ROE, dividend yield, and dividend payout, which are indicators of equity investment. Let's understand it by the image including how to remember it.
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[Illustration] Bond Investment and Yield Calculation

Diagrams and examples are used to explain bond types, risks, and methods for calculating yields. What is a bond? ...
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Illustrations: Types and Characteristics of Deposits and Financial Instruments

In addition to commonly used bank accounts, I will explain the characteristics of various financial products such as current accounts and foreign currency-denominated financial instruments.
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Understand each economic indicator in an instant by illustration

I will explain the outline of the economic trend index, the Bank of Japan Tankan, the price index, money stock, monetary base, etc., which are typical economic indicators.