What happens when the cruising distance of a car reaches zero?


Most cars will have a “range” display that shows how many more kilometers you can run with the remaining gasoline remaining. Normally, there will be no stupid situation where the cruising range is 0 in order to refuel with plenty of time, but this time I’ve done such a stupid thing, so I will share the experience.

Just because the cruising distance of a car is zero doesn’t mean it stops suddenly.

Although it is something that can be expected somehow, just because the cruising range is 0 does not mean that it will stop suddenly. I don’t know how to measure the remaining amount of gasoline in a car, but the reason for the design of the product is that it is usual to make the design of the product with the margin to the safer one if anything.

For example, if there is still a display of the remaining amount of gasoline, but the remaining amount is actually gone and it does not move, complaints will be flooded. On the contrary, it is no longer a display, but there are probably not many people who complain about the fact that there is still a little left. Then, it is usual to make it to the safe one to have room because it is difficult to continue to accurately measure a part of the machine which is complex and is used for a long time, and the error occurs absolutely though it might think that it is necessary to do exactly.

This also applies to speed meters. The speed meter you are looking at in the driver’s seat seems to be displaying a little faster than the actual speed.

In addition, if you say other than the car, the battery display of the smartphone is also similar. On my iphone, it often takes one day with only 1% of the rest, even though it decreases by about 50% in a day.

How many kilometers have you run since the cruising distance of the car became 0?

The display of my car is shown below. In addition, the lamp of the gasoline mark on the right starts from about 50km of cruising range. It is abnormal to become such a state of the last minute if it is usual.

(As an aside: It was a hot day with an outside temperature of 42 degrees Celsius. The fuel consumption also changes depending on the condition of the air conditioner in the car, but it will not be reflected in the cruising distance indeed. I would be impressed if it had been.)

When the cruising range reaches zero, the display is now “給油してください(You need to refuel.)” instead of “0”.To be honest, I’m quite impatient when it comes to this.

If you look at the mileage in ODO, it is running 19km from the cruising range 21km to 0. It was about 10% error, and I felt that it was quite reliable.

Just before putting gasoline is the figure above. If you look at the mileage in ODO, you will have run 5km since the cruising range became 0. From this experience, I found that I could run at least 5km after the cruising range became 0.

Approximate the distance that can be traveled from the amount of gasoline refueled

When I put gasoline in it, it entered 39.72L. By the way, the fuel tank capacity of this car is 43L. There will still be about 3L in simple calculations, but in reality it won’t be much. From the point of view of preventing spills, the gas station’s refueling system is supposed to stop automatically with a little margin. If the margin was 1L, it is thought that there was actually about 2L of gasoline left, and 2L x fuel economy 27km / L = 54km could have run further.

Therefore, in the case of my car, it is predicted that it can run about 59km after the cruising range becomes 0. My car is a hybrid and fuel-efficient one, so if you think about it in a gasoline car, it is conceivable that the distance that can be driven is smaller.

That was an unreliable estimate full of predictions.

What I’ve learned more than that is that I’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable drive if I refuel early without sticking to the range.