Impressions after one year of LASIK


“I think I’ll lasik because contact is troublesome. But what is it really like? There are a lot of people who worry. I was one of them, but I took the plunge. I would like to share my impressions based on my actual experience here.

My current honest thoughts “I’m glad I did it”

Lasik made my daily life very comfortable. I was freed from the hassle of glasses and contacts. And I still don’t feel any evils from LASIK. In the information on the net, I have seen opinions such as it is hard to see nearby, eyes are easy to get tired, but I have not felt anything so far. I’m really glad I did it.

The transition of the sight is as follows. I think that it is more appropriate to think that it is a mere error because there is a part that some change after LASIK depends on the inspection environment and the condition, too.

SightBefore LASIKImmediately after LASIKA week laterA year later

Why I chose LASIK

There are four main ways to improve vision:

  • Glasses
  • Contact
  • Lasik
  • ICL

I tried glasses, soft contacts and hard contacts, and finally chose LASIK. By the way, ICL is a kind of vision recovery method by surgery as well as LASIK, it is also called intraocular contact lenses, it is the newest method. It becomes subjective, but to summarize the characteristics of each, it is as follows.

Good pointBad pointsFeatures
GlassesCheapDifficult to exercise
ContactInitial cost is cheapBurden on the eyes
and care is troublesome
LASIKThere is a width of the price.
it is possible if there is
a cheap in the long term.
may not be possible if you do once,
the possibility that vision will return
ICLThere are many peopl
e who can do the latest technology
less preceden
Reversible once,
there is a possibility that vision will return if you do it once?

It depends on the person who values money, risk, and effort. In my case, the marker section of the table above was the main deciding factor.

Lasik Feature 1: There is a width of the price

The price of LASIK varies from about 100,000 yen to 1 million yen. I think it’s a good thing to be able to choose the one that fits your budget and risk thinking. However, because the price is high, there is no guarantee of safety, and it is not possible to make a decision based on specialized knowledge, so at the end, the judgment by the values and beliefs of the individual is completely decisive.

In my case, I decided to make a plan of 450,000 yen, focusing on statistical information, which is not an individual opinion on the Internet. By the way, the doctor recommends a high plan naturally.

Whether you think this 450,000 yen is expensive or cheap will be different for each person. For example, consider compared to using 1day soft contacts. The monthly cost of 1day soft contact is 3000 yen.This soft contact costs 450,000 yen if you continue to use it for 12.5 years (150 months). From this, I thought that if I could keep my eyesight properly for 12.5 years, I would be able to get enough.

LASIK Features 2: Can do it in 2 days

I don’t know about ICL’s vision recovery time and behavior restrictions, but LASIK will restore my eyesight the next day, so I can do it if I has two days of surgery date and next day’s examination. It is necessary to wear protective glasses (like hay fever glasses) for another week or so, and refrain from strenuous exercise, but there are no hospitalizations or other behavioral restrictions.

LASIK Feature 3: Irreversible

LASIK is an operation to shave the cornea. This shaved cornea does not seem to regenerate. Therefore, there is a possibility that other eye abnormalities may occur as well as vision, and if so, natural healing cannot be expected. This is considered to be the biggest risk.

I want to record the state of my eyes in this blog in the future. How long can my eyes remain normal? See you later.